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Welcome to the All Ask Glossary of computer and Internet terms. At the moment all the definitions will be accessible from this main page until I have collected enough to sort the glossary into categories.

I am deliberately presenting each glossary definition in plain English to make internet and computer technical terms easier to understand.

Each definition has its own page, accessed from the menu on the left - so look around, explore and enjoy!


On each definition page, as I add them, I will try to high-light other related terms and information.

Sources and Credits

I could not have envisioned or created the AllAsk Glossary project without the inspiration of free information sources such as Wikipedia. My thanks to all the many authors at Wikipedia that freely contribute to open access knowledge. (I contribute myself).

Glossary Use

Any page in the AllAsk Glossary may be freely linked to - you don't have to ask permission, deep linking to, and bookmarking of this online glossary is welcomed. All pages at this online glossary will retain their permanent links indefinitely so you can link direct to a glossary definition without worrying about it disappearing in the future.

If you wish to re-use online, or republish to the World Wide Web any part, page or definition of the AllAsk Glossary, I require an active hypertext link back to - all other rights are reserved.


This website is written to maximise display in ALL Browsers. I am committed to maximum accessibility for my users.

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